Adminnovation B.V.

Welcome to our website, glad you were able to find us! As an entrepreneur you quickly become entangled in the offer of administration offices, if you are looking for a loyal and committed partner to support you in entrepreneurship, then we you are a the right address!


We are an all-round accounting firm and Tax return practice in Lelystad & Den Helder, where personal contact is key for us, our office is also accessible in the evenings and in the weekends so that you can spend your time with your company during the day.


As we are becoming more digitally in these times, we can also serve customers outside the Almere region, but also when you just want to deliver the administration ‘old-fashioned’ on paper, this is no problem, we adapt to your wishes.


  • Recording and processing your bookkeeping
  • Creating and filing your VAT return
  • Preparing the annual accounts / financial statements
  • Other administrative work
Salary Administration
  • Manage your entire payroll process
  • Preparing and filing the necessary declarations
  • Preparing and filing various tax returns
  • Applying for and submitting surcharges (Toeslagen)
  • Correspondence with the tax authorities in regards to your company

We work with fixed rates so that you will never be surprised, take a look at our rates and contact us!

About Adminnovation

Adminnovation is an all-round accounting firm and tax return practice located in Lelystad & Den Helder.

We started as a small company in 1994 and since December 2013, after a new collaboration, active under the name Adminnovation. We are a company that is committed to the customer and where we prefer rather a high-quality service than quantity.

We mainly work with the tools below, but other accounting packages are not alienated to us either.